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            The wolkacentrum online store, operating at the wolkacentrum.pl web address, is run by the ASIAPOLO FHU, 05-075 Warszawa, ul. Równa 4, entered in the records of business at No. BZ-D-XIV-6412-278787/AS, NIP No. (Taxpayer ID): 526-010-47-56.


            We are a trading company acting on the Polish market for the last 20 years. We import goods and run both wholesale and retail trade in various articles for industry, from textiles to furniture and building materials, so we have substantial experience of this area.

Creating the wolkacentrum platform for wholesale is a natural consequence of the development of our company. We regard this project as another distribution channel for goods, fitting into the contemporary trends of the modern trade.

We put into the hands of customers in the Wólka Kosowska Wholesale Trade Center a modern tool that will make the shopping convenient and saving time and money. See for yourself that our selling prices are exactly the same as at all other sellers at Wólka while delivering goods to the customer by courier or our own transport will lower the cost. For those of you who prefer to receive their goods in person, we are well prepared for such a possibility - we invite you to our Pick Up Point at ul. Nadrzeczna 16, GD1, premises H06 at Wólka Kosowska.

Please read the rules carefully and the help pages in which we present in detail the manner of making purchases with us.


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05-552  Wólka Kosowska,  ul. Nadrzeczna 7C, ASG3 - 8E-1,  Tel. +48 502 254 778, +48 501 222 189, email: wolkacentrum@o2.pl

Dane do przelewu:
ASIAPOLO FHU, ul. Zamoyskiego 2, 03-801 Warszawa

Konto: BZ WBK 70 1090 1694 0000 0001 0708 0403
(Potwierdzenie przelewu prosimy przesłać na adres: wolkacentrum@o2.pl)

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